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The main sitting room has a collection of paintings, antique furniture, bird eggs and many interesting art objects.Dolat Niwas Castle was built by Maharaja Dolatsinhji (1922-28 AD) with a picturesque view of the naturally protected Hill Fort, Idar located at the edge of Aravalli range.

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It has huge high-ceilinged rooms with period furniture, marvellously appointed sitting arrnagements, and a view of the river from the rooftop.

The living room is decorated in European taste, while the Indian room has brassware, beadwork and paintings in typical Indian style.

It offers excellent accommodation, food and package tours to near by interesting places.

Sprawled over 18 acres, both the Palaces are marvels of architecture and with splendid blend of old with modern facilities. The Palace is situated on a river bank with a grand masonary base rising to the monumental scale of over 30 eter above the river bed.

The beautiful marble fountain in the palace compound is adorned with three intricately carved marble figurines.

This is one of the finest examples of European marble sculpture.The Kusum Vilas Palace of Gujarat exhibits a rich architectural marvel with a five-storied central wing capped with a dome.It was constructed by one of the most famous architectural firms of Mumbai, Bhatkar and Bhatkar, in the early 1920s.It has high gateway approach with clock tower from the town side. It has high roofed administrative blocks with grand staircase with banister on the extreme left corner leading to intricately carved pavision opening to an open terrace.The Grand Darbar Hall has huge windows opening to long balcony supported by intricately carved brackets with backdrop of river view.It has a European influence, built by Ramsinh who had imbibed the European styles of art and architecture from his stay in Europe for 17 long years.The Hall of Mirrors which is supposedly the prime attraction of Aina Mahal has white marble walls that are covered with mirrors and gilded ornaments.Rao Pragmalji II took up the construction of Prag Mahal in Bhuj, India on 1838 A. Raised in the year 1879, the Prag Mahal is a splendid palace in Gothic style at a cost of Rs 31 lakh by an array of Italian engineers, artists and artisans.You can see the entire Bhuj city from its 45-foot high tower.The floor of the Mirror Hall is laid with tiles with a podium above it that is surrounded by a chain of fountains.Aina Mahal large chandelier made of Venetian glass adds grandeur to the Hall. He assigned the task of designing the building to Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins, a renouned Architect during that time.


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