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The women’s wrestlers in WWE have a harder time trying to keep their relationships private.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are dating lesser known guys, but fans still are very aware about the relationships.

Big E posted a tweet on social media stating that he was officiating weddings during his off time.

Wrestling fans have their chance to get married by one of the most beloved WWE stars. Kofi Kingston is well known for being married with a family at home.

The relationship statuses of the majority of wrestlers on the WWE roster are commonly known by any fan that uses the internet to read wrestling websites or keep up with the sport on social media.

There are a select few performers with mystery surrounding their love lives.Both wrestlers are from New Jersey giving them a common interest that likely helped bring them together.Amore and Morgan have been spotted together after shows at various places.One recent relationship in the wrestling world featured Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke being linked together over the past couple of years.It appears whatever romantic relationship they had in the past is now over.Everyone knows Big Cass is in a relationship with fellow star Carmella, but Enzo Amore also has a relationship with another female wrestler.Enzo is currently dating NXT women’s wrestling star Liv Morgan.It's the exact opposite in real life with Bray providing for a family. The marriage of Wyatt took place at a younger age than most given he hasn’t even hit 30 years old yet. It's been on the top of my bucket list for years now and it didn't disappoint! 💕 Next stop for tonight's show - Bologna, Italy!A post shared by Tenille Dashwood (@tenilledashwood) on One of the recent relationships in WWE featured Emma dating Zack Ryder.Dana posted a picture with her alleged new love interest and bodybuilding competitor Dallas Mc Carver.Fans bombarded the comments asking about her relationship with Ziggler.


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