Wow patch 5 0 4 not updating

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* Gift of the Naaru should once again show in the dropdowns for Dranei. The main goal was to make it easier to move spells around by dragging and dropping.

* You may now hold down shift and drag on a healium button to "pick up" that spell * If you release your mouse button during the drag operation, you may left click a healium button to replace its currently assigned spell. * If you drop a spell onto a healium button while holding shift it will replace the spell but also pick up the spell being replaced.

This will increase your button count by 1 (up to the max), shift that button and all buttons after it to the right one position, and sets that button to an empty spell, effectively inserting an empty spell at that button index.

* Added Delete Button to the bottom of Healium Menu-Configure Button x.

2.0.6 * Added "Holy Word: Serenity" to Priest's default spell list.

Note- to configure this, you will either need to either select it in a Healium config panel drop-down or use the "Configure Button" menu. This is the same as Shift Left clicking on the Healium minimap icon.* Changed "Close" on the Healium Menu to "Close Menu" to remove ambiguity * Removed the default spells that were removed in the Warloads of Draenor pre-patch release.This won't have a noticeable impact, but saves a bit of memory and improves the code quality.The first patch build 17807 appeared on the PTR around January 25, 2014. 2.5.9 * Fix bugs with Play Sound caused by Blizzard api changes in this patch.2.5.8 * Updated To C version number to 70300 for wow 7.3 patch 2.5.7 * Updated To C version number to 70200 for wow 7.2 patch 2.5.6 * Updated To C version number to 70100 for wow 7.1 patch 2.5.5 * Paladin: Added Light of the Martyr to default spell list * Monk: * Added Zen Pulse to the default spell list * Added Vivify to the default spell list * Added Mist Walk to the default spell list * Fixed not updating cure states when switching specs.A result of not dong this was that Monk Detox could improperly show up as curable or not after switching specs.2.5.4 * Druid: Swiftmend is no longer darkened based on if Rejuvination or Regrowth is on the target 2.5.3 * Fix LUA errors when on a Paladin, with Cleanse assigned to a button, and party member gets a magic debuf 2.5.2 * Mage: Removed "Remove Curse" from default spell list, which fixed some LUA errors when playing as a mage.* Paladin: Workaround for "Beacon of Virtue" not allowing drag and drop onto a Healium button.This wasn't necessarliy a bug before, but "Beacon of Light" was changed to perma, so it quit showing as a buff.2.1.3 * Fixed LUA error caused by latest patch: Get Spell Book Item Name(): Invalid spell slot 2.1.2 (Replaced latest Healium release for Cataclysm version with Healium for Mo P beta since Blizzard released patch 5.0.4 ahead of actual Mo P release) * Fixed LUA error caused in last beta patch 2.1.1 Beta * Unusable spells (based on current spec) no longer appear in the Healium menus/config panel * Monks now have spells that appear in the Healium menus/config panel * Class icon on config panel updated to use same icons from character creation window for all classes * Removed default spells from some clases if they were removed or repurposed * Updated cure effects for all classes 2.1.0 Beta * Initial support for Mo P beta.


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