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And that's something that I'm really happy that the writers indulged my character and, I guess, indulged me with.There's some really nice character development so that Wade isn't this one-dimensional, archetypal, bad boy character.I think even by the end of the first season people were seeing that that wasn't really necessarily an accurate way to describe him."Wade is the kind of character that fans really love - the kind of character that ends up with lots of gifs and shirtless pictures on Tumblr! "Uh, well, it doesn't make it any easier at family reunions! I definitely catch a lot of flak about it from friends and stuff like that. I think maybe for a British audience too it's kind of cool to see what small town American life looks like.

And that's something that I'm really happy that the writers indulged my character and, I guess, indulged me with.

You could get the sense that it's all LA and New York. Expect more."When you first started the show, was it strange working with Rachel given that you kind of started your career with a guest role on Yeah - well, it definitely felt like I'd come full circle a little bit.

I grew up in a small town myself and I have a lot of love for what place small town life holds in American culture and in any culture, really. I think we do obviously over-dramatise it in a way or kind of poke fun at it with all the small town events and festivities, but that stuff's all real and that's the way that culture's preserved - through weird, quirky local traditions. Honestly, there are so many I can't begin to explain! I definitely felt a lot better about working with her in this context than I did then, which is like, I was f**king scared s**tless, it was my first job ever, and I basically got fired from it!

The sexual energy, but also the needling and the kind of mutual antagonisation."It seems like kind of a head versus heart thing. And as we all know, going with your head is never the move!

"What about Wade and George - is there going to be any tension between them given the Zoe situation?

"Yeah - if I remember correctly, it kind of comes to a pretty abrupt head in the first episode of the second season.

I mean, look - George basically left his bride-to-be at the altar for Zoe, so he's got a lot at stake.

"So going into season two, what's the situation with Zoe and Wade? And she's got some decisions to make because she's basically got her choice of men a little bit."Who do you think she belongs with? ' No, look, at the end of the day I think Wade and Zoe have a lot of chemistry and I think there's something that - both for me playing the character, and also over the last two years with fans' response and stuff like that - it seems that people really respond to the very opposing forces that are Zoe and Wade.

But those forces, when they kind of get charged with the sexual energy, it's pretty fun to watch.

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