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Sanders was only the second woman to qualify for four events in the 1992 Olympics and went on to win four medals, including two gold medals in the 200 butterfly and 4x100 medley relay.

Sanders was only the second woman to qualify for four events in the 1992 Olympics and went on to win four medals, including two gold medals in the 200 butterfly and 4x100 medley relay.

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Most recently she can be seen on the CBS all female sports talk show, “We Need to Talk”.

"After Summer’s swimming legacy she is now creating a multi-media one, and given her honed skill sets in television work, it was a natural to bring her back,” said Chris Voelz, CWSA Executive Director.

She is an eight-time All-American and led USC to its first NCAA women’s team title in 2001. She was 15 when she won her first gold medal in the 400 IM relay at the 1976 games in Montreal and went on to win four medals spanning a 12-year Olympic career. “We are thrilled to have guest alums present who represent three different decades of Honda winners; two conferences; three great universities and now living in three different states - California; Colorado and Texas,” said Voelz. Since commencing its sponsorship in 1986, Honda has provided more than $3.0 million in institutional grants to the universities of the award winners and nominees to support women’s athletics programs at the institutions.

Sterkel was the Honda Cup winner in 1981 from the University of Texas and was the first woman to make four U. Previous Honda Cup winners include Mia Hamm, Ann Meyers Drysdale, Lisa Fernandez, Misty May-Treanor, Maya Moore, and Candace Parker.

Gold in the 400 meter medley relay 200 silver in the 200 meter. And polity generation or Q laughter and I don't think I can make a blanket statement that those that don't know how to train our. Watching it at all young athletes competing in terms of him.

So you had a lot of fun early on but you did go on to I'm reading here it says let's read some of your pedigree. Nissen Sanders won four Olympic medals gold in the 200 meter butterfly with an Olympic record. And yes it's an hour and didn't bury it in the it was a different. THE Collegiate Women Sports Awards (CWSA) presented by Honda announced today that Summer Sanders, former Olympic Gold medalist and Honda Sports Award winner, will emcee the CWSA Celebration Luncheon presented by Honda honoring the Class of 2015 Honda Award winners and will moderate panel discussions during the CWSA Huddle event at the Orthopaedic Institute for Children.The Honda Luncheon and CWSA Huddle are lead-in events to the Collegiate Women Sports Awards presented by Honda's announcement of the prestigious Honda Cup which airs live on CBS Sports Network on Monday, June 29, at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET, from the USC Galen Center Founders Room in Los Angeles, Calif. But it had to have been work at some point and me talk about that time of your life. Individual and a bronze medal in the 400 meter individual medley you have memories of jumping off a diving boards and having fun. Q winning the gold medals and it was a magic potion that would show. But it really does and artwork at the X and it it is flat it it tears a dedication and all of that. Yeah but I so I know you live in northern California anymore but you were born in Roseville and I live in Roseville. Some Sanders hello I LR yeah I'm great thanks for being on the podcast. From novices to Olympians, CCA is well-known within USA Swimming as one of the most successful swim teams in the country.CCA's program is based on the premise that each and every swimmer is provided the opportunity. Participating hotels and special rates for this event are available and listed below. And I think that for kids and security act of practicing being yeah to be consistent and that's probably why. Getting yourself into the tour exciting that you're gonna actually work hard and practice. So we'll impacted almost every app inside and I can dig a little bit deeper and he'd suffered today. Well earned a date I have to thank you got it right up. Exit that she used to push themselves hard every single day. You have a wonderful photograph on your Face Book page and science creep in around so be OK with that. But of your family in the bleachers and you talk about how when you were nineteen and that was one of the biggest moments in your life and how it took a village in it was her aunt Nancy your dad. And that it it was all of them together talk about that it's a great photo. Do you feel like kids kids these days are our little softer and maybe their work ethic isn't as strong as it may be used to be. He that I I I feel lights in the kids can recognize it at a dork and they're actual talent is in the take them if certain stage and that state is not the Olympics and not proud.


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