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“It didn’t click who he was at the time,” Lohan said. But as of late, the actress has a new man in her life. “I told my sister the next day and she was like, ‘Wait, are you kidding me? Lohan confirmed she is dating Russian business heir Egor Tarabasov telling the publication: “I haven’t known Egor for that long. Here lies Defamer, a Hollywood gossip site launched by Gawker Media in 2004 and maintained, with varying degrees of effort and resources, until 2015. The site’s archives are maintained here, but no new posts will be published at this page. Things are rapidly changing in the Kardashian/Jenner household, so we’re thankful that we have a safe space in which we can keep up. Josh Duggar, Jessa Duggar Seewald, and her husband of a year, Ben Seewald, just had their very first baby of what will undoubtedly be millions.

The “End Game” singer, 28, showed up in a long blush-colored dress with elaborate silver details and a thigh-high slit.

She wore maroon lipstick and had her hair pulled […] Mama didn’t like it!

Nowadays, Lohan, who is living in London, said she’s no longer the partying type.

According to the star, Styles — who has dated beauties including Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner — later claimed that his friends had punked him and told him that Lohan was having a party in her room, which is why he showed up unannounced.

Lindsay Lohan, a refugee from the aughts now just trying to make an honest way in the world, has confirmed that she is, in fact, dating a 22-year-old Russian heir named Egor Tarabasov, a romance we just heard rumor of yesterday. You see, Lindsay Lohan says she was once sorta propositioned by One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, and that she said no. She put on her nightcap, grabbed the bedside candle, and tip-toed to the door. I said, ' Well, you're very good-looking —can I help you?

In an interview with , brought to our attention by people.com, Lohan says that she and Tarabasov have “been together for about seven months. When she opened it, there was a young man, in a suit. The South Korean boy band performed the world TV premiere of their new single, “Fake Love,” at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 20.Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook took the stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas to debut the track […] She’s in control!“I told my sister the next day and she was like, ‘Wait, are you kidding me? But Lindsay Lohan has admitted she once passed up the opportunity to enjoy a night of fun One Direction hunk Harry Styles in her single heyday, turning the singer down because she didn't recognise him.They’ve all gone Top 10 on the Hot 100 (“What Do You Mean” debuted at No. [End] It’s Leonardo Di Caprio’s 41st birthday today and he sure still doesn’t have any Oscars, but boy has he vacationed with models and Richie Akiva. As it says in the “Charity work and public image” section of her Wikipedia page, Kristin Cavallari once appeared in ads for PETA, the animal rights organization favored by celebutantes who want to pose nude “for a cause.” Though Kristin did not actually appear naked in her ad, which aired sometime between 20, she did roll around on the floor with a bunny and offer her candid thoughts about wearing fur.1, in fact), which has helped shape a narrative that this album marks a comeback for Bieber. Lindsay Lohan claims in a new interview with The Sun that One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles once tried to hook up with her, but she sent him packing. ” she said before going on to explain: “It didn’t click who he was at the time. “The people who I used to hang out with are waking up at 5 a.m.As the 29-year-old actress tells it, the crooner showed up at her hotel room at 2 a.m. I told my sister the next day, and she was like, ‘Wait, are you kidding me?! ’ That was it.” PEOPLE has reached out to Styles’ reps for comment. I was like, ‘I’m going to bed but it was nice to meet you,'” she explained, adding, “It was 2am, I had just come back from an AA meeting. I was wearing a big hotel robe, I had a slip under it.Lohan, 29, claims she didn’t recognize who he was, despite him giving his first name, and politely closed the door on him. It was not a good look.” It wasn’t until she told her sister that she realized who exactly she turned away. '” Now, Lohan can probably let go of the idea of the One Direction crooner showing up unannounced ever again. I think it’s probably awkward on both our parts now,” she said.


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