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When Kardashian first started dating Thompson, his now-ex Jordan Craig was pregnant with their son Prince.Kardashian and the Thompson began dating in September of 2016, Prince was born that December. Fast forward to today, three different videos have been released showing Thompson in various states of questionable behavior for a man who is in a very public relationship and expecting a baby in a matter of days."It's just another transition in the very weird part of being together and not being together."For more on Scott's headline-grabbing Cannes getaway and Kim's reaction to his high-profile slate of PDA-heavy hangouts with various women in France, check out the video below.

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In the videos, Thompson is seen kissing a woman at a New York nightclub, walking into a hotel with that same woman, and canoodling with two different women at a DC area lounge.

A fourth video (that has seen been deleted) purported to be a sex tape featuring Thompson and a woman who now says she’s pregnant. pic.twitter.com/j Jnl Qk Twm T — Smillee Sims (@thesmilleesims) April 10, 2018 Me wanting to show more empathy towards Khloe Kardashian but also remembering how she shaded Taylor in 2016, shamed Amber Rose for stripping at 15(to help support her family), & how her GROWN ass posted that “you mean this hole” pic THINKING that it was Chloe Grace Moretz👀 pic.twitter.com/9Fw6YG3f4o — Rosalinde Antindi (@New Rosalinde_A) April 11, 2018 Khloe: “He cheated on me.” Kris: “Good.

She had concerns.""Sometimes I just feel kind of insecure," Scott admitted.

"Like, if Kourtney met somebody, fell in love, got married and then everyone's like, 'Eh, we have a new Scott.

That's not gonna change," Scott said in a solo interview.

"My biggest focus now is just learning how to really, legitimately move on and think about doing a lot more with my kids and without Kourtney.""It's kinda nice, in some senses, that there's no more false hope," he added.

She’s determined nothing is going to spoil this magical moment for her,” a source told The Sun Online.

“This is her long awaited baby girl we’re talking about.

Sources told TMZ that the Kardashian family weren’t aware of the videos until they reached the press, with the basketball star now said to be ‘begging’ for forgiveness.

“Khloe is just focusing on her baby right now and is parking all of this.


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