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Uranium series dating of impure carbonates: an isochron technic using total sample dissolution. A large drop in atmospheric 14C/12C and reduced melting in the Younger Dryas, documented with 230Th ages of corals.

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Non-destructive gamma spectrometric U-series dating. The contributions of uranium/thorium and marine palynology to the dating of the Lake Wangoom pollen record, western plains of Victoria, Australia. 230Th/234U and 14C dating of a late Pleistocene stalagmite in Lobatse II cave, Botswana. By Aimee Komugabe Uranium series (U-series) dating is based on the uranium and thorium radioactive decay chains.These decay chains involve a series of different elements and may be as long as 35 steps, before reaching the stable end product – lead.Because these elements (and their isotopes) all have different half-lives, elements with longer half-lives will be present in greater quantities than those with shorter half-lives.Therefore, when equilibrium is disrupted (for example when a mineral breaks down leading to gain or loss of uranium and/or thorium), we can calculate the degree to which equilibrium has been restored between parent and daughter isotopes.U at the time of sample formation must be known or calculated. With time, Thorium 230 accumulates in the sample through radiometric decay. Radiocarbon and uranium-series ages of the calcareous deposits of the Plitvice Lakes show that travertines were deposited during three warm, humid, interglacial oxygen isotope stages.According to our measurements, only calcite crystals or crystal aggregates represent reliable material for both 420 ± 50 ka bp.


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    Uranium series U-series dating is based on the uranium and thorium radioactive decay chains. These decay chains involve a series of different elements and.…

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