Webcam chat infidelity

He was up for hours in chat rooms (I could hear the little 'ding' of the IM coming in) and he was very secretive about it.

Worst of all, he ruined our family holiday by being surly and miserable all week.

this is ruining my self esteem and cant compete with so many who find my husband a cool guy and are interested in him even though they know hes married im fed up and still wondering will he or wont he meet them and have sex. My husband of 2 1/2 years decided he was going to make friends on the internet. I knew something was going on when I was always waking up to hear tap, tap tap. One day I decided toosee what he was doing so I got up and asked him who was he talking to. But before this I checked one of the logs in our AOL folder to find numerous screen names so I knew he was messing around.

He said no one, but i knew he was lying because he instantly minimized the screen befrore I got over there. See we have a 2yr old daughter, and it sickens me to think that he didn't care about the outcome of this possibly affecting his daughter. But I was wrong within 2 weeks he was at it again, but tricked him this time i set his e-mail up to save anything sent or received that had been opened in the filing cabinet, he didn't think to check the filing cabinet because he hadn't saved it there himself.

But this lady was also older than us and married and with kids to!! I didn't know how to react towards this situation since it's the first for now.

I was really upset and hurt but mostly very angry for finding out that he had lied to me.

I'm so glad there are other people who understand all this - what has hurt me most is that he's apparently told all his work-mates about his 'affair' too - and he has an album of photos of his 'lover', as well as snail mail from last man well i caught him cheating on me with my best friend but now im dating this man i love so much and im just happy hes out of my life i was so mad when i saw him on my bed having sex with my best friend.i work nights and husband is on late he has 2 buddies that are females the one has gotten between us and has put pressure on our marriage she says she loves him and they plan to meet he says its all lies but still remains friends with her.

he also says he loves me and would never meet anyone online he just likes to chat and flirt.

I thought we got threw all of this but lately it seems there are just to many things going on that are similar to the past experiences to call it a coincidence. Lots more things come to mind, but too detailed to get into here. He says he never used them I think he's lying what should I do?

The bottom line is that I completely trusted him, ignoring all of the signs. My husband and I had been only been married two years when It first happened.


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