Volgograd dating

VSTU is committed to the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

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According to the strategy of University, there was founded a research and education industrial complex (cluster) focused on training of well-qualified specialists for high-tech sectors of the economy. Favorable social environment has been created in a large team of employees and students.

University obtains a well-developed infrastructure, ensures high professional level and influences forming of social qualities of students for their successful integration in the international economy. as a multilevel system of educational programs, modern forms of academic activity organization, quality control, adequate material and technical support.

The city will host four group stage games in the competition with England’s fixture against Tunisia being the highlight. Apart from four group games, Volgograd will not be hosting any other matches.

The stadium is built at the site of the previous Central Stadium at the foot of the Mamaev Kurgan complex, placing it right in the centre of the city.

From 1807-1900 the population of the river-port grew exponentially from 3,000 to 84,000.

Volgograd dating

Rail first reached the town in 1862, it’s the first theatre opened in 1872 and cinema in 1907.In 2014, a few unexploded bombs from the Battle of Stalingrad were found, and the entire area had to be thoroughly swept for more such items.A minor fire also broke out due to a welding accident, thankfully nobody was injured.Rotor Volgograd will be playing in the stadium after the World Cup is over.Volgograd is best known for its role in the Second World War when the city was named Stalingrad, however, it has had a long and storied history since its founding in 1589 as Tsaritsyn.The battle became a personal struggle between Hitler and Stalin, as both saw the enormous propaganda value of the city, each keenly aware of the onomastic namesake.The war meant that the city was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.Other than these events, the construction of the stadium has been relatively smooth.The current target capacity is 45,568, costing 13.6 billion Rubles as of early January 2018.The agricultural area of the Central Black Earth region is the most fertile in Russia then and today, and thus was part of the bread-basket of the Empire.From 1589 to 1991 the city was a strategic, agricultural and cultural centre, with the former two dwindling due to the dawn of the digital age and period of post-history.


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