Updating session variables

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For detailed information on ending sessions and deleting session variables, see Cold Fusion session management uses the same client identification method as Cold Fusion client management.

Use session variables when you need the variables for a single site visit or set of requests within a short period of time (such as hours).

For example, use session variables to store a user's selections in a shopping cart application.

You can also set the time-out period for session variables inside a specific application (thereby overruling the Administrator default setting) by setting the This.session Timeout variable or by using the cfapplication tag session Timeout attribute.

However, you cannot set a time-out value for that is greater than the maximum session time-out value set on the Administrator Memory Variables page.

This information remains available throughout that user's session, thereby avoiding the overhead of retrieving the preferences repeatedly.

If you use Cold Fusion session variables, the Session scope has four built-in, read-only variables that your application can use.

This code works by keeping a count of the number of users that are using the application at any one time, storing this count in a global variable called methods before changing the values of any of its variables.

Failing to do this can cause all kinds of problems by allowing more than one session to access the values at the same time.

Initializing variables is very important, especially with a language like VBScript that uses 'Create and initializing the array Dim My Array() Re Dim My Array(5) My Array(0) = "hello" My Array(1) = "some other string" 'Store the array in the Session object Session("Stored Array") = My Array 'Now retrieve the array from the Session object Local Array = Session("Stored Array") Local Array(1) = "there" ...

'and then store the updated one back again Session("Stored Array") = Local Array ...


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