Updating opentel satellite receiver software

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HDF ================================================== HUMAX F1-ACE System ID 0031.0000 RFE10502_04HUMAX F1-ACE (Arabian pack) System ID 0031.2000 DFE10502_24HUMAX F1-ACE (NTSC/PAL) System ID 0073.0000

HDF ================================================== HUMAX F1-FOX System ID 0030.0000

HDF ================================================== HUMAX VA-5200 System ID 0014.0200 HVA10101-06HUMAX VA-5200 (NTSC/PAL) System ID 0029.0200 ID 0029.0600 VA-5210 System ID 001F.0000 F1 Series Super Set Model HUMAX F1 System ID 0001.0000 F1-CI System ID 0002.0000 F1-VA System ID 0003.0000 F1VACI L2.05 F1 Series Old ( Non-Super Set) Model HUMAX F1 L1.13 F1-CI System ID 0002 F1-VA U2 F1VACI System ID 0000.0320

ET/ Benjamin Nextwave Technosat Fortec Star Aston Promax Micronik Neosat Grundig [img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/stophier.jpg[/img]Galaxis Electrosat Supermax Starsat-Starcom Telemann [img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/rdi.gif[/img][img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/satcouk.gif[/img] Thomson ID=250 Tmx Tonbury Televes Sedea satcruiser Radix Pace Palcom Emtech Neco Manhattan Lg Other Links [img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/pub_satmag.gif[/img] [img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/channels.gif[/img][img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/sataddre.gif[/img][img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/litsat.gif[/img] [img]file:///E:/Hassan/Websat/satmania.jpg[/img] Frequencies Keys and Hex files WEB 1/ ...inks/ star) all world sat) (premimumex) sat receivers receivers ) info (premium ex) computer VNC)

Qva10104-06HUMAX VA-FOX (Arabian Pack)بالعربية System ID 0032.0200 DVA10300-06================================================== HUMAX FTV-5600 System ID 0005.0200 FTV10607_06================================================== HUMAX IRCI-5400 System ID 0016.0000

HDF HUMAX IRCI-5400 (Arabian Pack) System ID 0016.0000

For details on how to force an ota update see (in German) Sky-X t=646 (in Arabic & regestration required) Sonysat Starcom Starsat / Starcom Lev=file...vers/Hivision/ (Russian s/w) Starway Strong (you may find this site exceeds its bandwidth rather a lot! starsat starsat starsat starsat BB/ starsat d-box Supermax

t=12743 Super Lazer Super Max Supermax Superstar (farsi language) Technomate HDF HUMAX CI-5100 (Arabian pack) System ID 0011.2200

(at)Sky Box htm/...0AMT co.kr/ Arion (registration required for s/w) / Might be worth looking at even if your receiver is listed above) German) id=2 If you are looking for master codes for your receiver, have a look at this thread : t=29674 Praxis X (farsi language) htm/...0(9000 model only) QMax receivers Radix Sat (in German)

f=9 SAB in Dutch) Satcruiser Samsung SEG German) Sedea (in French) Signal UK Digiboxes Software only available via ota download from the satellites. t=37390 (direct links to patches for several models) Sunstar (for GS-1590 only) Starsat receivers starsat


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