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“I do not see why things should be locked away once one is careful about its preservation and what this represents,” Ms Nyssen said.A loan of the Mona Lisa to another nation would dwarf the gesture that Mr Macron has…The first half, during which the artworks travel to their temporary homes, offers rather too much detail about the comings and goings of trucks and the difficulties involved in finding them and the fuel to run them on, but that is all part of a story that is worth telling and that Chanel has recounted so well.

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Or, to use a more recent example, take the Star Wars: Special Edition remasters – tweak a beloved work too much, and you risk diluting the homebrewed charm of the original.

Jaujard also did what he could to protect the artworks looted from Jewish families by planting a spy in the Jeu de Paume, where they were stockpiled, namely the brave Rose Valland, heroine of the film which told its own less-than-factual version of the tale.

In the end, Chanel writes, the Louvre and its artworks survived “gunfire, shells, bombs, damage from a crashed plane, fire and an enemy that wanted the museum’s treasures and in some cases came close to destroying them without a second thought.” Chanel’s research is impressive, and she has written her eventful story with panache, keeping the reader hooked on the suspense, especially in the second half of the book.

Stay tuned.” As far as Fox News gaffes go however, it ranks as one of the less embarrassing moments for a network that once described Birmingham as a 'Muslim-only' city and declared that "crack babies" were coming from women smoking cannabis.

The Mona Lisa could be moved from the Louvre for the first time since 1974 and exhibited elsewhere under French government plans.


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