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For information about Office for Mac updates, go to Check for Office for Mac updates automatically.Cerebras, Wave Computing, Graphcore, PEZY, Knu Edge, Tenstorrent, Thin CI, Koniku, Adapteva, Knowm, Mythic, Kalray, Brain Chip, AImotive, Deep Scale, Leepmind, Krtkl, Novu Mind, REM, TERADEEP, DEEP VISION, Groq, KAIST DNPU, Kneron, Esperanto Technologies, Gyrfalcon Technology, Samba Nova Systems, Green Waves Technology, Lightelligence, Lightmatter Intel purchased Nervana Systems who was developing both a GPU/software approach in addition to their Nervana Engine ASIC. Intel is also planning in integrating into the Phi platform via a Knights Crest project.

Interfacing directly with other key components via the intelligent memory fabric, the Neural Compute Engine is able to deliver industry leading performance per Watt without encountering common data flow bottlenecks encountered by other architectures.

The Loihi research test chip includes digital circuits that mimic the brain’s basic mechanics, making machine learning faster and more efficient while requiring lower compute power.

Neuromorphic chip models draw inspiration from how neurons communicate and learn, using spikes and plastic synapses that can be modulated based on timing.

This could help computers self-organize and make decisions based on patterns and associations.

Nvidia launched its second-generation DGX system in March.

In order to build the 2 petaflops half-precision DGX-2, Nvidia had to first design and build a new NVLink 2.0 switch chip, named NVSwitch.

This architecture makes it easy to port Open GL programs from one system to another.

While each operating system has unique requirements, the Open GL code in many programs can be used as is.

Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processors (NNP) Redefine AI Silicon As our Intel CEO Brian Krzanich discussed earlier today at Wall Street Journal’s D.

Live event, Intel will soon be shipping the world’s first family of processors designed from the ground up for artificial intelligence (AI): the Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor family (formerly known as “Lake Crest”).


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