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Great tutorial, but you might just want to do a clean install of 18 and rebuild. D2 gives me a problem (Linux Mint 17.3 XFCE) When i open the terminal and click on "Edit" i get "Preferences" and under "General", "Scrolling" is no option "unlimited scrolling" Thank you!

I tried this on a test system and it wiped out the main programs I had installed for the system. It did work, however somehow the bottom-bar (which includes the open windows, icons and menu button) doesn't react anymore... It's just not responding anymore, which is a shame.

Jay Bird707: the mintupgrade already IS ready for upgrading Xfce release, see github commits and try for yourself.

The manual works the very same way for Xfce, I just successfully migrated 17.3 to 18.

After the simulation is finished, your original repositories are restored.

The output shows you if the upgrade is possible, and if it is, which packages would be upgraded, installed, removed and kept back.

You need to know how to type commands and read their output. During the upgrade you'll need to understand the output of APT commands.

You'll need to understand if a package needs to be removed, if it blocks the upgrade, if it conflicts with another package etc etc.

The upgrade tool only upgrades Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon, MATE or Xfce edition.

If you are running Linux Mint 17, 17.1 or 17.2, you first need to upgrade to Linux Mint 17.3 using the Update Manager.


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