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At a critical moment in the company’s history—and that of our body politic—the algorithm is quietly starting to reshape both Twitter’s business and the way people experience it.On the most immediate level, the new timeline has clearly made the service a little friendlier and livelier.It ensures that you see more tweets from the people you interact with the most and more of the most popular tweets from others you follow.that Twitter was planning a move that would change everything.The company was introducing what insiders called an “algorithmic timeline.” It meant that tweets would no longer appear in the order they were posted.That includes the president of the United States, his 25 million followers, the activists opposing him, and the media that must make sense of it all.For this article, Twitter offered a glimpse into the workings (and continued evolution) of the algorithm for the first time since it was launched a year ago.Its latest earnings report, covering the fourth quarter of 2016, showed modest gains in active users and engagement, which CEO Jack Dorsey attributed to “better relevance in both the timeline and notifications.” Yet the company’s revenue flat-lined, and its stock dropped.Twitter’s engineers are constantly probing how well the service is engaging its users, running tests that quietly enable tweaks for a small fraction of Twitter accounts, then studying the effects on their behavior.Facebook has taken the brunt of the blame for the fake news and sensationalism that polluted political news in the 2016 U. presidential election, both because it is bigger and because its more potent algorithm lends itself to those pitfalls.But Twitter played a role, too, and with the world’s most powerful person setting national policy via tweets on a daily basis, the service has never been more influential than it is today.


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