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A film titled Jumping the Broom, directed by Salim Akil, and starring Paula Patton & Laz Alonso was released on .In a 2013 episode of Grey's Anatomy, Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren jump over a broom at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony.agreed to marry verbally, without exchanging legal contracts[,] ....

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who assumed that the custom had once existed on the basis of conversations with elderly Welsh people during the 1920s, none of whom had ever seen such a practice.

Probert also points out that the word broomstick was used in the mid-18th century in several contexts to mean ‘something ersatz, or lacking the authority its true equivalent might possess.’ She therefore argues that because the expression broomstick marriage, meaning 'sham marriage', was in circulation, folk etymology led to a belief that people must actually have once signified irregular marriage by jumping over a broom. Parry, Associate Professor of African American Studies, contests the claim that no literal jump was used in Britain, arguing that enslaved people of African descent and British migrants engaged in numerous cultural exchanges during the 18th and 19th centuries.

He shows numerous correlations between the ceremonies of slaves and those of the rural British, contending it is not simply coincidental that two groups, separated by an ocean, utilized similar matrimonial forms revolving around the broomstick.

A man who had taken his under-age bride off to France discovered it was as hard to arrange a legal marriage there as in England, but declined a suggestion that a French sexton might simply read the marriage service through before the couple as "He had no inclination for a Broomstick-marriage".

In 1789 the rumoured clandestine marriage between the Prince Regent and Maria Fitzherbert is similarly referred to in a satirical song in The Times: "Their way to consummation was by hopping o’er a broom, sir".


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