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“The recidivism rate is huge because it’s not just the nicotine. A recent University of California – San Diego study also suggested that smoking cessation medications alone don’t help smokers quit, and called for a multi-pronged approach that includes behavioral counseling. He noted that less than 2% of smokers using pharmaceutical aids are also getting any behavioral counseling, which in his studies was, “a recipe for relapse to smoking.” “Smoking is not a ‘bad habit’ – smoking is an addiction, and this is how it has to be treated,” said Cindy Mendoza, health educator and tobacco specialist at Montefiore Medical Center.If you really want to be successful, you have to look at everything that one stick is giving you, which is why a combination of nicotine replacement and cognitive behavioral therapy has shown the most success.” Medication plus counseling doubles a smoker’s chance of quitting, according to U. “Thirty four percent of people who are trying to quit smoking use pharmaceutical aids and yet most are not successful,” wrote senior study author Dr. So if you’re ready to butt out for good this year, here are some tried and tested tips from the experts and the quitters who remain smoke-free. Set yourself up for success by choosing a specific date to stop smoking, which gives you time to come up with a game plan, and to mentally and physically prepare not to smoke. “You have it in your mind that this is something you really want to do, and this is how you are going to do it.” And Dr.

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” He had been smoking a pack a day for five years to ease the nerves and anxiety that came with starting Green Pal, his Uber-like lawn care service.

So when he quit smoking last February, he suffered weeks of shakes, semi-panic attacks and sleepless nights – and nicotine gum and patches could only do so much to curb those cravings when he woke up or got stressed at work.

Explain why this is important to you.” Caballero and Gettler both credit their partners with helping them stay the course.

“He is super encouraging and says he is proud all of the time. “It’s hard, but he makes it doable.” Replace the nicotine.

The report calculated these potential losses by factoring in the annual cost of a cigarette pack per day in each state, as well as the health care expenditures, income losses from lowered productivity and other expenses associated with tobacco products.

New York smokers are burning the biggest hole in their wallets at ,694 per year thanks to the high price of a pack ( in New York City).“It’s what killed my dad, and to keep going with it – especially turning 35 this year – would just be dumb.” She called the New York State Smokers’ Quitline (1-866-NY-QUITS), where an operator asked about her smoking history and triggers, and set her up with a free two-week supply of 21 milligram nicotine patches (which normally run -) that are worn for 24 hours, plus three complimentary canisters of nicotine lozenges that have helped with her cigarette cravings.She also gets texts from Smoke with daily tips and advice.“I asked her what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, and that was it,” said Caballero.“I was like, are you sure you don’t want anything from Tiffany’s instead?De Palo urges to avoid quitting in the midst of a particularly stressful time in your life, such as during a divorce or a death in the family, when it’s going to be harder than ever not to self-medicate.“You’ve got to be in a good place in life and ready to do this,” he said. Get rid of all of your smoking paraphernalia in your home, your car, your purse or coat pocket, and at the office.“My plan of attack was trading it for other things; instead of waking up and smoking, I would wake up and work out,” he said.He trained for the Nashville Marathon with his wife and finished in 4 hours, 10 minutes.If people around you are lighting up, then leave the room or area until they finish, or have something (gum, toothpicks, pretzels) to keep your hands or mouth busy. You’re more likely to be successful if your partner quits with you.“It’s better if you can do this as a team sport and support each other,” said Dr. “Or you have to engage your partner in the process, and get your friends on board so that they are not shaming you for not going out with them to smoke.


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