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One major factor which I think has helped Nook is that she lived for a year in America so had to become good at budgeting and looking after money.She had money to spend there but had to be careful and she has carried that attitude into our relationship.

Many of them feel eager and capable to contribute towards your relationship.

You will see later that even though Nook has financial responsibilities towards her family, she still chips in.

Following dates took place at the cinema, restaurants and local parks.

The bills were usually shared and Nook contributed every time.

I offered to pay for everything but she was insistent on paying for the latter.

I actually found that a lot of Thai women are happy to split the bill or contribute, especially those under 30 who have traditional jobs.

I am of the opinion that both partners can contribute financially even if it is only a few little things now and again.

Even with a low salary I feel it isn’t unreasonable that a Thai partner can pay for little things like snacks, drinks and make a contribution towards bills or shopping.

I think it’s useful first to tell you a little about the background of my relationship and our personal circumstances so you can put things below into context.

I am 29 years old and have been living in Thailand for the best part of four years.


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