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Also, that she was known to many as the leader of "those four", a nickname they seem to have acquired already."Can I have your attention for a few minutes? Thanks."By nine thirty that night, bedtime for the sixteen-year-olds, Ginger had the names of twenty-six of the girls." Ginger called, "just a couple of quick questions. As each had arrived, Ginger had told them she was doing a study on sex habits of sixteen-year-olds, and she would be in touch in the near future if she needed more information. " Ginger asked, her fingers idly tracing around Karen's nipple, making her squirm delightfully.

It doesnt get any easier than that, and you will certainly not want to go back to watching porn clips to satisfy your needs once you have had a taste of what we are able to offer.

That night, she talked with the other three girls in her dorm, and they worked out the details of where, when, and how. "Sounds good, Ginger, but what do we three get out of it? They had been a little jealous of Ginger's attachment to Karen."Also." Ginger went on, "you are going to have a roomful of very randy sixteen-year-olds, who all want desperately to enjoy a woman, and after watching one get fucked several times, are not likely to be too bothered about which woman they get."Kath smiled sheepishly.

"Okay, so there is plenty in it for us, sorry for doubting you," and she embraced Ginger, kissing deeply.

"Mmm, that does sound like fun," she admitted, "I will have to see what I can do, to make it come true. It felt so much longer than one week, since she started as Games Mistress at Saint Libido's Unisexual Tutorial School, known as SLUTS, and found a lover, and partner-in-mischief in Ginger, leader of the Gay Girls Group. "She looked at the girls, and at the avid interest on some of the faces."If you are interested in knowing more, come to room two-forty before bedtime," she went on, "okay?

She fell asleep, idly wondering what Ginger had meant by that comment, "I will have to see what I can do."The following evening found Ginger visiting the First Form common room, noticing that most of the fifty or so first formers seemed to be present. And can we keep this just between ourselves, please?


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