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We're suprised this story did end with, "And then Cher quit! Tags: abuse, burlesque, clint culpeper, director, feud, manager, steven antin, xtina Obviously Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn't invite Donald Trump to the Royal Wedding. Considering the damage our incom POTUS has done to the "special relationship" we're not even sure he's allowed to attend U. BTW, if YOU want to donate to charity in the Royal couple's names, the organizations they've listed are Chiva Projects, Corporal Scotty, Crisis, Myna Mahila, Surfers Against Sewage, Street Games, and Wilderness U. [ #Meghan Markle's cold statement about her father! Is #Ariana Grande to blame for #Mac Miller's DUI arrest? Watch this video in full HERE: Plus, a #Whitney Houston bombshell! A source reveals: "Steven moved out of their Hollywood mansion and has been living at the Sunset Tower Hotel since the end of October. They've broken up before and always got back together. They remain together, so whoever is feeding this doesn't know what they are talking about.

Steven Antin: Really, what I wanted out of his character?

She was on the team, and she blended in with everyone else. Its great seeing Cam Gigandet in the film, as he usually plays the bad guy. What first drew you to him as a performer who you thought could do this particular material?

It was great having a person like Cher on set of course, but she really became one of the crew. He has this natural ability to not only live in a beautiful vessel, but he has that very rare thing where he is a beautiful guy and he is capable of being goofy and funny in a rom-com kind of way.

It was a slow transition, but I haven't been an actor for ten years.

I have been in the world of trying to get a musical made for quite some time. When I was a kid, my mom took me to see musicals all the time. Obviously, because you want a song ever so often in the movie, it goes eight minutes, ten minutes, twelve minutes... With Christina Aguilera, I'd already sat down with the writers and figured out where her songs should go. She needs to have that moment where she first opens her voice in the club.


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