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If you do not care for the default menu style and want a more stable but feature-incomplete solution, Facepunch developer robotboy655 has written a new menu.While in the process of joining a server, downloading resources, etc, the game seems to hang and after a while, perhaps during the "sending client info" portion the game crashes, usually without any error messages.

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It should be resolved, if you still bump into this problem, try verifying integrity of game cache from game properties, local files tab. When manually launching the 64-bit binary, the game starts, but cannot connect to Steam account, so you cannot play.

So install 32-bits dependencies, and launch the game from Steam.

That is because, in the function bitsquid::network_info(char*), where they query the networking information, they do not handle that case correctly. It was reported to upstream (Pieces Interactive) but Magicka 2 does not seem to be maintained anymore. The game does not allow you to change its resolution on a multi-monitor setup on GNOME with the AMD Catalyst drivers.

A temporary workaround is to disable the side monitors.

One solution is to go to Options - Controls with a controller before switching to the mouse and trying to blindly it the setting.

The game does not start if the output of the command "ip -s link" is longer than 4096 characters.After installation, FTL may fail to run due to a 'Text file busy' error (characterised in Steam by your portrait border going green then blue again).The easiest way to mend this is to just reboot your system. The Steam overlay in FTL does not function as it is not a 3D accelerated game.There are two solutions: install a proprietary video driver or delete (rename if you are unsure) the library "libstdc 6" inside .Most menus work fine, but ones with checkboxes (LAN multiplayer, mounted games list) do not work at all. If you prefer the default menu style and do not mind a hacky solution: Simon311 has written code with instructions to fix it.If you are not on Gnome or dragging the window back and forth did not work you can try to install Here X and Y is 0,2560 to move the window to the monitor on the right and H and W 1600,1200 is set to match the in-game resolution.csgo-osx-linux issue #45 See Pulse Audio/Troubleshooting#Laggy sound for a possible solution.If your mouse works in the main menu but not in-game, run the game with # gamma correction xrandr --output output_name --gamma 1.6:1.6:1.6 # play with values if required STATUS=42 while [$STATUS -eq 42]; do ...done # restore gamma xrandr --output output_name --gamma 1:1:1 exit $STATUS Steam distributes a copy of libxcb which is incompatible with the latest xorg libxcb. The Chinese characters in tips and player names are displayed as block characters.The binaries for FTL on Steam have no DRM and it is possible to run the game without Steam running, so in some cases that may be optimum - just ensure that you launch FTL via the launcher script in rather than the FTL binary in the $arch directory.FTL may fail to run if you are using an opensource driver for your video card.


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