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That left the play-by-play position with i Provo open, and Jordan took it.

“Those Grantland kids love Bill, and they stand by Bill. It’s going to be like a Jerry Maguire situation, and they’re gonna go—because they’re loyal to him.” She pauses.And then that turned into, ‘Sweet, we’re working together in the same place,’ …but then it turned out to be, ‘Oh, we work together every day on this TV show,'” Jordan said.The 39-year-old co-host of Sports Nation has ripped into Kim Kardashian over her bodacious, headline-grabbing Paper magazine cover (“giant, greasy poo-maker,” she called it), makes a hilarious crack to me about Jon Hamm’s “giant wiener,” and was, like Simmons before her, reprimanded by the corporate brass at ESPN over a series of tweets she’d made last July excoriating colleague Stephen A. Coincidentally—or not—just a couple months earlier, the word had spread that Beadle gave a frank interview as part of ESPN’s oral history, admitting to watching the infamous peephole video featuring a nude Erin Andrews. “There were people I thought were on my side who screwed me over.Smith over his boneheaded comments in defense of noted woman-beater (and NFL star) Ray Rice, insinuating that after she was uppercut in an elevator, which was all caught on camera, his then-fiancée Janay had somehow “provoked” the pummeling.“I’m not a reporter, so I get to say whatever—and then I’ll get called into the office. People make promises that don’t come true, and there’s pettiness.It’s a dismal May morning in the City of Angels—closer to Heat’s icy-blue hellscape than the sun-soaked playground of Entourage—and the pall cast over the nation’s yoga and Botox capital has extended to the hallways of ESPN.Earlier that day, the news broke that the self-anointed “Worldwide Leader in Sports” had decided to part ways with its resident rabble-rouser, Bill Simmons, closing the door on a rocky 15-year relationship. to profile Simmons’s ESPN compadre, Michelle Beadle, who shakes her head despondently when I bring up the Simmons situation.It covers all things BYU sports, from the most recent football game to what a former golf star is doing in the PGA. It got started in 2006 when Linton was working with i Provo, a local access cable network, as the play-by-play announcer for local high school sports.One night, he needed someone to fill in as a color analyst and called Jordan.And the timing was curious, with the Grantland EIC, podcast host, and commentator getting canned just one day after ripping into NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, repeating an apparent offense that had earned him a three-week suspension last year. “I’m super bummed out about it,” she says.“I don’t know…I love Bill, there’s no secret about that, and wherever he ends up I hope it’s awesome.


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