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My kids went to the Woodward School in Fort Greene, where Spike's mother later (in 1968) "had the foresight to see that it was time to buy a brownstone facing the park—165 Washington Park—while the getting was good: ,000." My daughter and Spike went to the same experimental high school in Coney Island.

(Is it characteristic of filmmakers to make it up as they go along? We were the first black family to move to Cobble Hill—186 Warren Street—and I was called nigger the first day we moved in, but after that, when they saw we were no threat, I had all Italian friends." He tried to join the Cub Scouts.

) In his movies, this is translated into complexity, a chorus of antiphonal voices. "All my friends were Cub Scouts, they'd go away camping, learn how to tie knots, do secret handshakes and stuff, wear them uniforms." He went to sign up for the Scouts in St. They told him he couldn't join, the Cub Scouts was a Catholic organization… "We were comfortable, but never had a surplus of money," he says.

Ann's, a private school on the border of Cobble Hill and genteel, rich Brooklyn Heights; two of this three brothers, David and Cinque, and his sister, Joie, went there. Neither father nor son will talk about what precipitated the final breakup, which predated Bill Lee's drug bust. She is Lithuanian and the descendant of rabbis, but considers herself "spiritually black." (She wears dreadlocks.) He was introduced to her by "Baroness Nica," who was a special friend of Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. If my children are not interested in the work, I'll pass it on to Arnold." Spike Lee calls his father paranoid and says Arnold "doesn't feel like my blood brother because my father's never allowed that relationship." Bill Lee says Spike is nuts and that he doesn't have anything more to say about his eldest son.

He's glad he had a New York City education—"more diversified and multicultural, whereas St. Even when we moved to Fort Greene we were across the street from the projects. "Very systematically we all got thrown out of the house. She caught my father at a very vulnerable time in his life. None of us see him anymore." Bill Lee scoured four of his eldest son's movies; he wrote two songs for Jungle Fever. Bill Lee has a group called Noah's Ark of which his wife and son are part. Bill Lee says he's "going ahead with the work my grandfather left me to do in the world, the work he got from Booker T. XXXOne way or another Spike Lee has had a lot of love in his life and a lot of the craziness of pain. His rage seems so sleepy, so bloodless, so much more a defense against intrusion than a howl.

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Spike Lee is separated from his controversial creation by the glass wall that divides from the screen on which black-and-white images of Malcolm flicker.

"Somebody whups you upside your head," he says, "what you gonna do? Once somebody knows that if they hit you there's some consequences, then they think twice. " Would he have been equally ambitious, equally determined, fierce, if he had been tall? "Luckily that didn't affect me that much," he says, somewhat opaquely, when I ask him how it felt to be singular.

I want a synthesis between two doctrines, two philosophies, Malcolm's and Dr. They synthesis is not going to include total non-violence…" My first response to this harangue is to regard Spike as somewhat less than coherent. "Even if I was six feet, I still would have had the same demeanor. Spike Lee's memory of that time is a that he was called "a coupla times by a guy named Joe Tringalli, and then we became best friends." And he hung out with a guy called Louie Tucci, whose "grandmother couldn't read or write but cooked good…

But in this case, so far have we all fallen from the grace of harmony, I am painfully conscious of being liable to the charge of offering my credentials to prove I'm an "acceptable" white person… He spent the long hot summers with his maternal and paternal grandmothers: "Like most African-Americans who lived in the North, my parents shipped me to the South to get away from the city" (he stumbles over the word ).

"We spent half the summer in Atlanta with my grandma Zimmie"—his mother's mother—"and the other half with my father's mother, Mother Lee, in Snow Hill, Alabama.


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