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As early as 1953, shortly after Josef Stalin's death, the state had its first big crisis when workers rose against the government on June 17th. Even Communist author Bertolt Brecht criticized the government in his poem have elections, and other parties than the Marxist SED, but they were far from democratic.

East Germans called this voting "Falten gehen" (going to fold), because anybody who did anything but fold their ballot (like crossing out candidates, or even staying at home) and put it in the urn immediately became suspicious.

Homosexual people do therefore not stand outside socialist society, and the civil rights are warranted to them exactly as to all other citizens." In some respects, East Germany was a lot more progressive than West Germany on this issue, albeit the latter's development of free society and free speech allowed for openly gay artists and gay communities to develop, which did not quite happen behind the Wall.

The leaders of the freshly founded GDR were Walter Ulbricht ("the guy with the Lenin beard"), Wilhelm Pieck ("the guy with the potbelly") and Otto Grotewohl ("the guy with the glasses" - not this one, obviously).

This dates back to the German Communist Party's support of Magnus Hirschfield's policies in The Weimar Republic (which preceded Stalin's homophobic reversal).

The Paragraph 175 homophobic legislation from Imperial Germany remained on the books in both West and East Germany, but East Germany stopped enforcing it in The '50s and took a far more moderate approach albeit it absolutely forbade the creation of any public Gayborhood and kept the closet in force.

Police have arrested a 69-year-old woman, named locally as Elisabeth S., in the town of Kuenzelsau, in central Germany, after the body of a seven-year-old boy she was babysitting was found in her bath.

Sergeant Gordon Olley came out of a duel with the legendary Manfred von Richthoften as a novice pilot in the First World War, before going on to beat the Flying Scotsman in a race to Edinburgh from London.

In sharp contrast to West Germany, where pro-LGBT rights were opposed by the Churches, in East Germany, Protestant Churches actually helped nurture the underground gay community.

In The '80s, East Germany reversed homophobia, and opened the first state-owned gay disco while a Supreme Court in East Germany affirmed, that "homosexuality, just like heterosexuality, represents a variant of sexual behavior.


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