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Rather, Into the Waves sounds like something Stevie Nicks or Olivia Newton-John would record if they were transported from their heydays into the indie sphere of the 2010s.While Knapp doesn't quite have the charisma of either of these divas (yet), she does possess a voice like a sunbeam, full of light and bubbly warmth, and she knows how to use it.

Don't rule out a blind date opportunity until you really think it through.It’s still got a sort of light disco feel to it, but I like it.Like much of Knapp and Callahan’s other work, the sound is spacious, natural, and present.But even as I write those words, I can’t help but enjoy the music.The duets with Bill Callahan are especially satisfying, his gruff, straightforward delivery wonderfully complementing Knapp’s mellifluous, delicate coo.Just in case her work with Cliffie Swan wasn't enough of a love letter to '70s and '80s pop, Sophia Knapp's solo debut Into the Waves confirms she truly is a throwback.Knapp envisioned these songs as a "modern vocal pop album," and in some ways that's true, even though the territory into which she plunges here is almost shockingly polished, mellow, and sweet compared to almost anything recorded by her contemporaries.And they sounded like nothing else I was listening to at the time: a strange mix of exotica, psychedelia, and stoner rock, but with the most heavenly vocal harmonies. Since then, Lights have changed their name to Cliffie Swan, bassists have come and gone, and the core members, guitarist Sophia Knapp and drummer Linnea Vedder, have kept busy with many other projects.The latest is Knapps’s solo album, Into the Waves, available now from Drag City. Into the Waves sounds crazily familiar—I can’t listen to the title track without breaking into “Build Me Up Buttercup,” and I keep having flashes to (in order): Stevie Nicks, Jane Birken, and Olivia Newton John.Young Earth creationists also reject current estimates of the age of the universe and the age of the Earth, arguing for creationist cosmologies with timescales much shorter than those determined by modern physical cosmology and geological science, typically less than 10,000 years.The scientific community has overwhelmingly rejected the ideas put forth in creation science as lying outside the boundaries of a legitimate science.


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