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Sonny will prepare for war, but he could be at a disadvantage.He’s juggling a lot at the moment, including caring for Mike, handling crazy Carly and worrying about the “field in Croton” threat.

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Sonny won’t be happy about that, especially since Mike’s got loose lips these days.However, Nelle could gain some advantages she didn’t expect.On top of the Carly drama, Michael’s dealing with his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s.Plus, Carly and Sonny wouldn’t be around to meddle.All Nelle would have to do is keep her Carly scheme a secret and she’d be all set for the future. The harder she tries to bury her evil plots, the quicker they come back to haunt her.Ava will hope to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.Of course, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will help fuel the fire.That could spark more digging and perhaps serious charges. If so, that could really send Michael into a tailspin. Michael’s mom could end up in a mental institution and his dad might land behind bars.That’d leave Michael to care for Mike, who will obviously decline to the point of death down the road.Nelle had no idea Mike would show up with such a devastating illness, but it’ll work in her favor.That’ll give Michael one more reason to lean on his ex.


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