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Each week, we cover exciting, relevant topics and we not only open your eyes to information you may never have heard before but we also provide, step-by-step strategies on how you can actually use that new-found information to stand up and fight for your rights and live the life of freedom that you were born to live!”One of the biggest stories in the country at the moment is the one unfolding with Senator Culleton.Please note that due to Tune In changing their computer links, the best way to listen in live to our shows is via a mobile device.

Please note that first part of the show is missing due to a technical issue, sorry.

64th Show 9/2/16 - We chat to ex-police officer Wayne Glew and discuss why the Commonwealth Constitution is SO important.

The Know Your Rights broadcast streams live over the internet every Tuesday night between 8 and 10pm.

We welcome you to email us with any questions or comments you may have at [email protected] sms us on 0412 711 755 or, you can even call us on (03) 9017 5093 to talk to us live.

68th Show 8/3/16 – We discuss the difference between the ‘Queen of Australia’ and the ‘Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia’ and remind everyone that our hard copy e-book is now available.

69th Show 15/3/16 – We talk about the importance of the Imperial Laws and how they still apply today.

Please place your order via the link below and select the option from the "Choose Options" dropdown menu that comes up on the shopping cart page.

You can make your payment with an existing Paypal account or by credit card.

We have also had a number of people request a copy of our podcasts on CD so, we have now created a number of different CD packs which include a copy of our first 140 broadcasts - with all the music edited out (which equates to around 210 hours of straight content) - in mp3 format, which can be played directly on most modern CD players.

We have single packs available for those who want to add to their existing collection and we have all 140 podcasts available on a special 7 X CD pack so please choose the appropriate pack, depending on the podcasts that you're after, from the drop down menu below.


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