Signs you are dating a mamas boy

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You even thought it was charming when he told you that he’d consider himself lucky if he married someone like her.

But now that you’re in it, he’s beginning to really push the envelope by comparing everything you do or say to the way his mother does it.

That rule is, what happens between you two, stays between you two!

Chances are, your boyfriend told his mom about your little affliction and thought nothing of it.

What makes this so frightening is the fact that when anything significant, or insignificant happens in his life, the first person he thinks to call is his mom.

Grow up sonny, she is your mom not your girlfriend!

A boy who loves his mother dearly won’t stop because it’s hurting you. Before it comes down to an ultimatum that you’re going to lose, you should run, not walk, away.

But, I will rush to hastily assure you (especially in the off-chance that my mother-in-law is reading this…hi!

It is unhealthy for his mother to ever be the topic in your conversations.

The relationship he has with his mom should be separate from his personal relationship but sometimes he will have a hard time realizing it.


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