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These fans might ship Alice with Derek in order to leave Bob free to be with Claire.

This creates alliances between Bob/Claire and Alice/Derek shippers.

The customs and traditions that we share during the ceremony make it all the more meaningful.

Request Military Funeral Honors For information on requesting military funeral honors, visit

Burial at Sea Another type of ceremony for honoring the deceased is the burial at sea (also called the “at sea disposition”) performed on a U. The body was sewn into a weighted sailcloth and in very old custom, the last stitch was taken through the nose of the deceased.

The body was then sent over the side, usually with an appropriate religious ceremony.

Likewise, Alice/Bob shippers may put Claire and Derek together, canon or not.

When shippers have to contend with romantic rivals to their main ship, they will often put those rivals together in order to leave their main ship free to be with each other. Often the much more benign cousin of Die for Our Ship.

What am I that I should essay to hook the nose of this leviathan!

”Ishmael asks himself this question at the beginning of “Cetology,” the thirty-second chapter of But then Ishmael abruptly turns into a peculiar sort of naturalist.


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