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Just ensure the car you buy is what it claims to be.Check it has the correct engine and that it’s not a roadster, which left the factory as a coupé.

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Rumour has it that it was designed for a pre-war truck.

On the other hand, the independent rear suspension was a genuine innovation (take that, Ferrari, with your beam rear axles – pah!

Original right-hand-drive cars are a lot rarer than you’d think.

Around 85 per cent of production was exported, so many right-hand-drive cars have been converted from left-hand drive at some point.

The brakes were discs all round – good – but they weren’t up to keeping a hard-driven 140mph-plus E-type in check – bad.

The simple bucket seats were not terribly comfortable and there wasn’t enough room for taller drivers, while the Moss gearbox was as slow and obstructive as it had always been in previous XKs. The Jaguar E-type is still lauded decades since its launch at 4.30pm at the Parc Des Eaux Vives in Geneva on 15 March 1961.Real-life celebrity owners such as footballer George Best (‘I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars.) that gave the E-type a comfortable ride and superb roadholding.And that was a key reason why E-types could be raced, and win, straight out of the box, as drivers such as Graham Hill, Roy Salvadori and many more immediately proved. To say that the automotive press was shocked at the first sighting of the E-type Jaguar is an understatement. The E-type stunned the world with its futuristic and curvaceous styling, its advanced mechanical specifications and real world price of £2256.Later cars do offer something more of a relaxed GT experience, while the earlier cars are the more sporting and focused driving machines.Which one you go for really depends on how you intend on using your classic Jaguar. The E-type is one of the most receptive classic cars to upgrades, and most cars will have received a few modifications along the way.Great looks, fab engine; shame about the brakes, seats and gearbox.OK, that’s being slightly harsh, but despite the fantastic vision of the design, the E-type's execution was flawed even by the standards of 1961.


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