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The offender that is moving outside of Virginia, must report to their local law enforcement agency where he physically resides and complete an SP-236 Registration form 10 days prior to the move.

Any person required to register or re-register shall be required to register until the duty to register and re-register is terminated by a court order as set forth in § 9.1-910, except that any person who has been convicted of (i) any sexually violent offense, (ii) murder or (iii) former § 18.2-67.2:1 shall have a continuing duty to re-register for life.

“Often times for the court it is easy to tell when someone is dangerous. His crime: having sex without first disclosing he had HIV.

Officially, the charge, buried in Chapter 709 of the Iowa code, is “criminal transmission of HIV.” But no transmission had occurred.

The Commonwealth shall be made a party to any action under this section.

If, after such hearing, the court is satisfied that such person no longer poses a risk to public safety, the court shall grant the petition.

Every person convicted on or after July 1, 1994, of an offense set forth in § 9.1-902 shall register and re-register as required by this chapter.

Every person serving a sentence of confinement on or after July 1, 1994, for a conviction of an offense set forth in § 9.1-902 shall register and re-register as required by this chapter.

Section 9.1-914 authorizes the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) of the Virginia Department of State Police to electronically or mail to notify an individual conducting *Child Day Care or Child-Minding Services, elementary, secondary, public, parochial and denominational schools, STATE REGULATED or LICENSED child care institution, child day center, child day program, foster home or group home of the registration of a sex offender residing within the same or contiguous zip code as the entitled organization or entity.

Also, any person may request from the State Police and, upon compliance with the requirements therefore established by the State Police, shall be eligible to receive from the State Police electronic notice of the registration or re-registration of any sex offender, within three days of receipt.


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