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American Express is regularly lauded as one of the best companies to work for — particularly for its flexible schedules and workplace diversity, which extends to gender, race, and sexual and religious orientation. Our digital payment and technology areas are growing very rapidly.The company, headquartered in New York City, has 50,000 global employees, and that number is growing rapidly due to expansion of both onsite and remote positions. We are looking for coders, programmers, designers, developers, and engineers.

What's the best way to prepare for a job even before an opening is there?

I don't think people grow up and think they want to work for a credit card company.

That might seem obvious, but a lot of people come in unprepared. New York is smart casual, and some of the other locations may be more casual. So do your research about the job and the culture of the office you're visiting. You're going to interview with a lot of people, so be sure not to CC the same response to everyone you interview.

I love questions from candidates that look to the future: "What do my first 90 days look like? The salary range is usually coordinated up front with the recruiter.

Jobs in marketing, technology, sales, and many other areas of the company can be done from home — including HR. The growth in the virtual employee space has been so great that we have added a virtual employee section to our jobs listings.

We value offering these types of jobs because it taps you into a much deeper and broader group of potential employees.So the best advice I can give to anyone is to figure out what you're passionate about and match that passion to the work that we do. You can learn a lot about our culture by watching the many You Tube videos we post.You can learn about our CEO by reading about what people say about him on Glassdoor.I'd say, if someone takes that tactic, there's no guarantee.What types of jobs are available for recent graduates?If you know anyone who works for American Express, talk to him or her about what it's like to work here and what he or she enjoys about their job.What questions should candidates always ask in an interview? I also need to understand that you know what the job is. It's particularly helpful when it is specific to the conversation you had with each person.There are entry-level positions across the company, in areas such as technology, engineering, development, sales, marketing, finance, and customer care. We have a 12-week summer program for undergraduate juniors and for MBA students.It's a paid program, and we help with the logistics of relocation if you are accepted.There's no requirement that you have to have a certain degree for any job.What types of questions do you typically ask in an interview? We want to understand what you have done and how it relates to the job you're considering.


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