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Imagine if e Bay had begun without a feedback mechanism and a community, say of record collectors, began monitoring bad trades and developing a website to identify scammers.Scammers would surely change names, but there would likely evolve a “whitelist” of known participants in the community who hadn’t defrauded people, as well as blacklists, and there might emerge a karma system more nuanced than e Bay’s positive/negative method targetted to the specific needs of a community. Disagreement on condition between buyer and seller or a form of fraud?

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But it’s the response by groups like GALCK and Fakers2Go that strikes me as extremely encouraging.Because homosexual sex is illegal in Ghana (as it is in many African nations) there’s little resource to the law after one of these robberies.As Haute Haiku suggests in the post on Global Voices, this type of scam is particularly likely to ensare gay people who are just coming out and trying to discover the gay scene.Finally, because sex is a subject most of us don’t like to talk about with strangers, it tends to leave us flustered and unsettled when accusations are made, leaving us more vulnerable to making poor decisions, like paying an extortion fee.I was thinking about this story because Global Voices ran a fantastic piece on a disturbing new phenomenon happening online in Ghana and Kenya – gay personal ads designed to recruit robbery and kidnapping victims.(It’s pretty common in record collecting to buy a record that isn’t quite the condition it was advertised as being in. A community based rating system might address these issues…) I’ll be interested to see whether community sites emerge to try to police and mitigate the dangers of gay sex scams.The relative anonymity of the internet, the dangers of the scams and the benefits of removing predators from a community seems like the perfect recipe for this sort of community policing – I’d expect to see dating sites encourage this sort of policing as well.The Pentagon on Wednesday delivered two long-cleared Yemeni detainees to resettlement in the West African nation of Ghana, 5,100 miles from Guantánamo, in the continuing Obama administration bid to empty the prison camps in southeast Cuba.The first transfers to sub-Saharan Africa reduced the detainee population at the remote base to 105, of whom 46 are approved for transfer.The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) is trying to determine the extent of blackmailing schemes, asking victims to call a hotline and report anonymously.They report that victims have been asked for sums of money ranging from to ,000.


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