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This will give you a better understanding of your feelings and some support in working through anything which is troubling you.If you find that counselling doesn't work for you then it would be an idea to see your GP and discuss with him other ways of helping you with your depression.If you are depressed don't bottle it up - it is important you talk to someone - family, friend, teacher, youth leader, GP, organisation, helpline etc.

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Talking to others and counselling and therapy can help but to pull yourself out of a depression you need to do a lot of work yourself.

When you are depressed you may feel you have no control over your life but you do still have choices.

The more active you are the less time you will have to focus on your depression.

Try and interact with other people when you can as if you totally isolate yourself and cut yourself off from the outside world you could find your depression gets more severe.

Talk to your GP and make him aware of what is going on for you.

It is very difficult to deal with severe depression on your own - you need help and support and in some cases your GP may advise medication.On Friday 25th May, at Brasserie Chic restaurant, Chef Nizam Peeroo and guest wine expert Peter Searra will put their passion together to create a rare opportunity showcasing the marriage between fine cuisine and fine wine.They will be creating a 5 course menu to be paired with the best of Elgin Vintners' wine cellar. ENDING YOUR LIFE AND HARMING YOURSELF IS NEVER THE ANSWER.YOU HAVE YOUR WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF YOU AND WILL NOT ALWAYS FEEL LIKE THIS.Find out as much as you can about depression for yourself, which will give you a greater understanding of what your loved one is going through, which in turn will help you to support them.A depressed person can't simply just snap out of it, often it can be a slow process taking one step at a time working towards recovery.If you are a child or young person speak to your parents about how you are feeling.They would want to know how you feel and to support you and look at ways of helping.Try and get out each day into an open space, park, forest, lake etc.and just take in the beauty of your surroundings, and try and be at one with nature.


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