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She may have that belief mirrored back to her in the form of relationships with people whom she just likes ‘okay’ ,but always have one glaring thing wrong with them that really bothers her, but she thinks she has to accept,because that’s the best you can ask for. You may see someone who has a lot of money, but this money is not coming to them from a place of ease and joy, doing something they love, knowing the Universe always has their back.They might be operating from a belief that you have to work really, really hard for money, and as such, all their money only comes to them after working really, really hard.

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As a newbie you would love to meet a girl, any decent girl, and you’re not abundant at all. Then after a lot of life experience, I actually became abundant. And I don’t just mean their physical appearance, but their maturity, intellect, sense of humour and shared interests.

When I was younger I went two years without a date. But once I started acting abundant (and approaching a crap load of girls) I adapted the characteristics of abundance. I gave up going after many numbers of women and instead focus on quality of women. But don’t over analyze the interaction while you are in it.

Sure, the person with the boyfriend may not struggle with loneliness like you do; the person who has a well-paying job may not be worrying about making rent next month like you, who just lost your job.

But unless these people are truly enlightened souls, which chances are, they’re , I would bet my life that there is at least one thing they don’t like in their lives, and that is where they are putting all their attention.

But it’s really important to keep something in mind: First, you have what other people’s manifestations mean to them.

Someone may appear to have something you want, but it represents something completely different to her that may not be necessarily ‘positive.’Let’s take a relationship for an example: Just because someone managed to snag a boyfriend or a husband does in no way mean she must have been able to achieve some great vibration that made her a match to a relationship, that she was able to do something with ease that you seem to be struggling with so much.

It manifests in the things you say and do – even the way you walk (Think Snoop Dogg, err, Lion, or any of your heroes). They’re not stupid but they’ll take the bullet if they must. Even when better looking, higher status men are trying to yank their girls away, they don’t care. They have real social and sexual value and know it. If a girl would just give you a shot, you’d have abundance, but they won’t! And when I do approach them it goes very well, because there isn’t a hint of neediness in my voice, in my eyes, in my walk, and they know. The greatness of scarcity is that it creates desire. But that is the price you’ll have to pay for abundance. You want something so that you can eventually want nothing, but you should want nothing while taking action Does your head hurt?

Well they’re generous, and funny, and brave yet humble. You’re in full scarcity or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog, right? Sometimes I would rather read a book or go for a hike than approach women.

Just by reading this article you’ve already swallowed the pill. Real abundance will come with life experience, and nothing else. Back then I would jump through flaming fire hoops to get a date with a hottie. Have a good time, approach the girls, stay in the interaction as long as you can, and try for the phone number, or make out, or whatever you feel like.

Modeling successful role models is one of the fastest ways to improve.[/quote_box_center] The next time you’re in a social situation and you feel those three emotions, check yourself: “Is this how someone with abundance mentality would act? Cut that behaviour from your life like a bad addiction. Looking back, I wanted it so bad, it was impossible to hide my neediness. The girls could smell my desperation but I went on anyway, pretending, faking. If a girl isn’t completely down for me, I lazily move on. When you are out hitting on girls, don’t think about what to say, what to do next – Just do.


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