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Mashonda wanted her husband while Kelis wanted Dania and Nas! Here is what the e-mail said: A few weeks ago on Friday November 12th, Kelis was here in Chicago with NFL baller Adewale Ogunleye, she solicited a co-worker of mine from Scores stripclub to participate in a threesome with her and Wale., I'm not a fan...a couple of her songs, yes...her stan, hell to da no! And, after I saw her do those splits at the club... Men have a new chick in their bed as soon as they pull out of the driveway with their car/van/moving truck full of their ish. So, as long as the Kelis is handling her business & that baby is taken care of there is NOTHING wrong with her dating.

And now Kelis is recruiting strippers to join her in freaky threesomes with this guy!!!! ----------------------------------------------- Reporting live from no-brains-land: Pls go sit ur @ss down somewhere! Nov 12th was on a Thurs....where do you get ur sources from, ...tabloids? Some of ya'll kill me, like ya'll real reporters and shit..... Wale or whatever his name is will not respect Kelis if she was fucking him while still married to Nas regardless if she was in the process of divorcing! I was just commenting on her fast approach back into the world... It is very hard to adjust after being married (u are used to sex on the regular, used to companionship, etc).

So haters fuck ya'll and get a life and worry about y'all own problems. New album, new label, NEW man & shes doing her thang. posted by shellychelle Tue, March 30, 2010 PM he’s a cutie! I am married to an African, Nigerian to be specific, I am not bowlegged and we have TWO children. Let Kelis be the hooker she is by fucking another man while still married..Mashonda keep her dignity although it may have hurted her she is truly the class act here. The "ink's-not-dry-on-the- divorce-papers" line is KILLING ME! So I guess this is her attempt at getting some attention! It just feels so weird seeing the Nigerian name sprawled boldly across my screen. So how long is enough time since these bible thumping bloggers make up the rules of how other grown ppl should live their lives? this is not a chick to be in a real relationship with! Kelis is on the grind, in the studio, making videos, hosting album listewning parties.

Nas bitch azz isn't doing anything yet y'all dumb n! Mashonda needs to learn absolutely NOTHING from Kelis! This was an e-mail sent to another site about this two individuals but YBF is my favorite so I won’t say the site! You think there should be a mourning period after divorce? What has Nas been doing besides taking photos at OTHER artists concerts?!

she was not his (mistress)a name that is so loosly used when a guy has sex with a woman that's not his wife(mistress)is a long term reationship with a married man not a junp off or booty call is what they should be called......filed for divorce while pregnant... ) Yes, November 12th was on a Thursday so it’s not that far off it was probably just a mix up because the e-mail did say "a few weeks ago!

a baby that he wanted as much as she did you can call it what you want any (WOMAN or MAN) for that matter dont have to put up with there spouse beeing don't matter what a person did b4 they were with you....only matters what happens when you are together I for one think all wimen who marry rappers are goldiggers and hos and do not deserve any dime from their ex spouses. Nas has my respect , she'll have her karma from trying to ruin nas! well KELIS did have the baby looooooooong ago and they have moved on since then F--K THE HYPE do yo KELIS......will always be that (BOSSY BITCH)keep beeing you D. " More than likely this e-mail is true because people been saying this about Kelis that she is a carpet muncher!Solange is no stranger to dating an athlete, and she and Bush would make a fashionable pair.She’s also had the chance to take notes from big sister Beyoncé on making a relationship work with two stars.Wale even popped up at Kelis' dinner party she hosted in Miami this past weekend: Well isn't that sweet. The folks over at Honey say the couple have been pretty public about their new relationship status: The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand. DEEP DOWN I DID WISH THAT KELIS AND NAS COULD WORK THINGS OUT AND NAS WAS IN MIAMI AT THE SAME TIME AS KELIS....we will see First of all Kelis has an album that is sure to flop that needs some promotion and Wale is an injured football player in need of some publicity so that he can get picked up by a team!Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. He has money but he is in his mid- thirties with several major injuries so the need to get some public attention is understandable! No big deal let them provide a need for one another! YALL DONE SEEN WHAT 4 PICS OF KELIS AND YALL GOT HER LIFE FIGURED OUT... SHE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DIVORCE SO SHE CAN TALK TO WHOMEVER SHE WANTS AND HE CAN TOO... YALL JUST BLOGGER BASHERS LOL I'm still confused as to how she's cheating. Kelis doesn't speak on Nas at all and has quietly moved on with her life and career. Would you rather she call paps to photograph her and her baby to prove to you she's a good mom?Lyfe Jennings Pulls A Baby Stunt On Social Media & You’ll Never Guess Why » WE OUT! Kelly’s Lawyer, Publicist & Assistant Reportedly Jump Ship Amid Reports He Gave 19-Year-Old Herpes» Paula Patton's Man Says He's 'Only Married By Law,' Paula Brings Him On TV & Gushes 'I'm In Love! Source Claims Paula Patton's New Man Is MARRIED, Not Even Separated, And His Wife Is 'On The Floor' Distraught» BACK ON!The Weeknd Spotted Making Out With Ex Bella Hadid At Cannes, For Real This Time» Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Lay On The PDA After Bodyguard Paternity Scandal Jaden Smith & Girlfriend Grab Cupcakes Mathew Knowles & Wife Living it Up In Rome John, Chrissy & Luna Go Shopping» Gabrielle Union Hits The Streets, Ends 'Feud' With Jada Pinkett Smith Michel [email protected] CHIC, this damn sure is an UPGRADE for Nas because he can do better than black gums Kelis! Not saying that b/c u have a child, your life has to end, but b/c she has a child, she should probably be spending more time getting that type of press as opposed to all the crazy press she's been getting lately... I know I don't live w/ her, but that's what I decided to comment on... I'm glad she moved on though now people can stop assiociating Nas with her! Just because a woman has a small child does not mean that she should stay home and not date following a divorce - the man is not sitting home.I love how people on here have a comment for a comment.. Go Kelis, go Mashonda, go to all the ladies who left bad marriages and are enjoying themselves! If you are asking this question then you know in your heart you don't have a good plastic surgeon. See your doctor (not the plastic surgeon) and ask his opinion or check out good plastic surgeons and interview them.People don't realize they can actually interview plastic surgeons and if they don't like them the patient has the right to move on.\n. \n TYPE IN: Chat-lines for plastic surgery after cancer\n.


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