Sam witwer dating history

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This is a guy whose life did not work out the way he expected or hoped. Maybe if I go murder this guy, the hole in my heart will be filled and solve the problem.He knows at one point his life made sense and he knows that stopped making sense when he met Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's gotta go back and find that guy and the unfortunate part, through his Sith training and the way that he is, his selfishness, he just keeps going in circles. It doesn't occur to him I can just go and talk to him. Maybe the problem was I had all these opportunities to kill him. He has major problems with Obi-Wan that starts with Palpatine. I've been known to spike up my hair as well, so I get it.

Sam witwer dating history

It will temporarily, it will give you the illusion ... That's how I look at it." If you're wondering whether Witwer believes his talk about accolades, fame and the idea that those things don't really make you feel better, he certainly seems to. Maul's death hasn't slowed his voice actor down one bit.

"Maul was actually in an off-and-on relationship with Mon Mothma, of all people, and people were not aware of that, but that was happening.

Mon Mothma and Darth Maul had a kind of turbulent but also mutually respectful relationship.

That’s the biggest accomplishment with Maul." I also asked him what terrifies Maul in that hidden place none of us get to see. The worst case scenario is never being able to achieve his potential in any way.

I could tell it caught him a bit off-guard but once he got going, it was fascinating. The problem is he's thinking about it in all the wrong ways.


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