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I could see that he wanted to really teach me and his caring came through his sincerity." - Harsh B.

from Mumbai, India While Todd finished his final year as an undergraduate university mechanical engineering student at Union College in Albany, New York, he decided to enroll in Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

It was then that my life had changed forever, combined with his dedication and support, my game improved exponentially every week...

Whether at Hollywood’s high society venues, coffee-shops, malls, streets, parties, or restaurants, Todd is always to be found approaching and attracting beautiful women.

Many say that Jeff needs to have a television show or movie made about him, as the interactions that he encounters and the stories about the women that he meets are oftentimes so outrageous and fascinating that you’d truly have to see it to believe it.

While living in a house with several female and male wingmen, Jeff is found going out to the nightclubs to meet girls every single night. He is ridiculously passionate in connecting with you regarding what it is you want, what to look out for, what to integrate into your lifestyle, and how seriously to take it all.I also did some "hard" sets, like opening very hot girls surrounded by a lot of guys. While traveling the world and building a global network within the dating industry, Nick was a dating coach with his wingman, Tyler, for hundreds of live programs.After several years, Papa moved to Los Angeles where he attended the University of Southern California for his Masters Degree in Business Administration.In order to maintain the highest tier of quality of Real Social Dynamics Instructors, of Real Social Dynamics Live Programs and spend several months of training with Executive Coaches.Instructors must demonstrate to Management that they are able to consistently gain attraction from beautiful women.After determining, he was, in fact, the real deal, Ozzie was admitted to RSD's grueling Executive Coach training program, which he passed with flying colors. At the beginning I was stuck after the opener, but Ozzie helped me to go over it. I did a lot of sets by my own, without routines and Ozzie corrected everything I did wrong.Now, Ozzie can be found instructing at Real Social Dynamics live programs throughout Europe, North America, and Australia. I improved my openers, my stories, and the most important thing is that I learned to push the sets even if I thought it was not possible any more. I had lots of questions and Ozzie answered all of them. from Sydney, Australia Papa is the Co-Founder and the business mastermind behind Real Social Dynamics.As a player in an international amateur soccer league, a skilled martial artist, and avid participant in chess and cross country events, Todd focuses his lifestyle on developing a strong balanced focus between maintaining a high level of health and building strong relationships."It is not often you meet someone who loves to teach and genuinely wants to see you succeed.As an amateur singer and comedian at several San Francisco nightclubs, Jeff has an amazing ability to captivate an audience, which extends to his interactions with women.Now, he shares his stories and knowledge of attraction LIVE as an Executive Coach at Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps.


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