Radioactive dating worksheet

Ways of Measuring Absolute Time Varves- Layers in sedimentary rock that were formed in a lake. sand in the spring from high rain volume and silt deposited in the winter when the top is covered in ice and water flow stops.) C is only used for organic material Evolution Evolution is the changing pattern of life forms.

Natural Selection - First proposed by Charles Darwin - life forms best adapted to survive will continue to reproduce.

Ways of Measuring Absolute Time Tree rings- every year a tree grows a new ring.

When the tree dies, the rings can be counted and events such as forest fires can be dated.

The World is Flat- An entire lecture designed to convince students that the world is flat.

A Hundred Proofs that the Earth is not a Globe Making Isolines PPT Lab 1-4 PPT Making a topographic map of a section of the Earth (see You Tube video to the right).(The key, of course is to be able to spot the cubic cleavage of Halite as opposed to the rhombihedral of Calcite and Gypsum.) I also prepare a CLEAN sample of Halite, bash it into tiny pieces before their eyes (on a CLEAN paper towel and invite them to taste it.Vocabulary Coordinates Practice Seismic Eruption Time Math 1 Time Math 2 When 2 Cars Race (P & S Race PPT for answers) Determining Epictr Distance Finding Epicenters I Finding Epicenters 2 Epicenters 3 Epicenters 4 Seismic Waves Calculating Richter Scale * Seismic Waves and Seismic Eruption are free demonstration programs available at: Convection Demonstration: Make Hot Chocolate in the classroom while showing principles of plate tectonics and convection- Very Fun!They tilted a little then eroded to make the straight cutoff (the diagonal line going from bottom left to top right).Then the final deposit was the layers to the top left. The law of cross-cutting relationships: anything that cuts across layers of rock is younger than the rocks that it has intruded into. Vocabulary Sequence Puzzles: Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Sequences 1, 2 & 3 on one sheet Sequence 4 Sequence 5 Sequence 6 Sequence 7 Relative Dating Craters (see PPT to the right for answers) Worksheet on Radio Dating DBQ on Dinosaurs DBQ on The Natural History of LI DBQ on Magnetic Pole Reversals All three layers of rock (limestone, sandstone, shale) were made, then the volcano formed.The fuzzy line is contact metamorphism where the hot magma "fried" the surrounding rock and changing it to metamorphic rock (ex. This image shows an igneous intrusion cutting through sedimentary layers.Vocabulary Words Worksheet on Sedimentary Rocks Worksheet on the Rock Cycle Percent Deviation on Rocks Igneous Worksheet I Igneous Worksheet II Igneous Worksheet III Quartz DBQ Minerals DBQ Metamorphic Rocks Chemical Composition chart Metamorphic Rock Scheme PPT Sedimentary Scheme PPT Cookie Lab- a great review of rock types (and video) To avoid students taste-testing for Halite, I inform them that I have been specifically bred with genetic enhancements to be the ultimate Earth Science Teacher.As such, I have taste buds in my finger tips which allows me to do a taste-test on minerals without the danger of swallowing anything dirty.It settles out of the air and forms a layer over wide regions at the same time. The remians of the impact site in Mexico as seen by satellite imagery.Example: the layer that marks the extinction of dinosaurs has characteristics of an asteroid impact.


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