Purpose of online dating

Picking the proper site for the user’s overall goal is easy as long as the user does some research into the site.

The following sections will discuss what online dating is, who is using online dating sites, which sites fulfill which purpose, and how online dating sites are utilized to be successful.

Badoo and Tinder are examples of casual dating sites.

Long-term relationship sites are geared towards customer seeking love.

Middle aged adults are known as the “thin dating market” because the amount of available singles decreases as individuals age [4].

The number of young adults 18-24 years old using online dating websites has tripled since 2013 from 10% to 27% [5].

The concept of online dating is simple for users to understand.

Single individuals seeking relationships use any online dating application to meet other singles with the same intention as the user that they are seeking out.

There are some users who are looking for a short term companionship instead of a long term relationship.

The digital world provides dating sites that cater to different types of customers.


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