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' "I said 'Go on then, my boyfriend' - and that was that." Richard's pet George is a proper working dog and helps him out on his brother and parent's family-run farm in North Yorkshire.

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"George was the ring-bearer and looked so adorable.So even if you don’t end up finding your dream doggo-dad, you are still doing a good thing for the woofers of the world.…But let’s not assume the worse, especially as we are sure there is no better meet-cute then letting a puppy drag you to your future hubby. They recently put out a casting call for dog-owning singles in the London area. 🐶❤️Looking for #Single #Woman with #Dog or #Men with out!"Then when I went out with my friends most of them were already in stable relationships or even married with kids."Meeting single men my own age was becoming more difficult so my mum and best friends were telling me to give internet dating a try."I thought basically it was not for me at all and went on it to prove my mum wrong."But in the end they proved me wrong as clicking on George's daft profile picture was the best decision I ever made." are hoping to unite more dog-lovers after launching the world's first dating event for 'lonely hearts' dog owners and their single pets."When I clicked on the picture and read Richard's profile the idea he had used George's picture really tickled me so I contacted him through the site."I messaged him 'Does your dog know you are looking for love? Getting tired of only finding lame, creepy humans on Tinder?Social Tees Rescues made profiles for some of their dogs on the dating app.


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