Pumas dating younger guys

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These 30-something women are eager to get in on the boy-toy action, and guys are happy to oblige.Fact is, no matter what age bracket you’re talking about, being with an “older” woman appeals to a lot of men.

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A new breed of cougars has emerged—they’re called pumas.A cougar is a 40 woman who will pick off the young and dumb of the pack with swift strength.The cougar is past the point of playing games and has one thing on her mind..that thing is tow-headed Abercrombie Fitch models.When it comes to taking, five percent of you are happy to take anything you can get, while 61 percent say you’ll only accept treats if he gives you respect first.“Formalising a relationship where both parties know exactly what they’re getting out of it is much better than having some expectations that aren’t being met on either side,” says Elna Rudolph.“Nowadays, women are more financially successful than ever, and this shift has changed what many men desire in a partner,” she says.“Guys are often attracted primarily to a woman’s independence, direction in life, and job success.” There also may be less pressure for them to prove themselves financially, because cougars tend to be more understanding if younger guys lack ambition or success.There was a recent dispute in the Red Eye offices over what exactly makes a woman a "cougar." Oh....rookies!There are actually three very distinct classifications of feline that roam the friendly streets of Chicago.Let me enlighten the blogosphere on the complexities of womankind.With far more sophisticated techniques, the puma has grace that only comes once a woman hits her 30s. If she chooses to date a younger man, it's because he is able to meet her level and offer a challenge. A puma knows what she wants from her career, life AND men.


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