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But he is "paying" for that now and he's been sitting in therefor almost 4 month's now and he's still not home because ofhim, being an ex con and haveing an hand gun on him. All the best as you have decided what you want to do. That will give me the essential connection I seek, and some appreciation.

I'm not trying make it sound like i am takeing up for him ortrying sound like i'm saying he is an angel because god know'snone of us, are "angels" and he admitted it was stupid and wrongof him to bring along the handgun while we left that night. Otherwise, repressed rage and anger and self-loathing manifests in negative behavior. I understand people in prison are still until there free and dealt with the problem that got them there they shouldnt be looking for like heres me with bad issues .."come get some"...uhhhh noooooo Okay i have a question lol since i can not sleep tonight and itsgoing on 5am it's AM now but yeh anyway's back to my question,what would you do/say if you was ALREADY with somebody and theygot arrested and they have serve their time in jail/prison wichever itmay be.? (being an jerk/cold hearted and haveing people, look at it as if why brake it off now when you have been with the person over 3year's? But you have no idea what your getting when they get out.^^^You were my last post before I went to bed. That no actual companionship happens doesn't matter.

A Crescent man has been sentenced to 33 months in federal prison for cyberstalking a woman he met on a dating website.

Troy Allen Martin, 46, threatened to send nude photos of the woman, a teacher, to her school and family, according to Oklahoma City federal prosecutors.

Along with the prison sentence, the judge ordered Martin pay a $5,000 fine and pay the victim $50,000 in restitution.

Martin admitted he used his cellphone to harass the woman between October 2016 and March 2017, court records show.Martin extorted ,000 from her, prosecutors said.The teacher later said she was petrified and felt like Martin's puppet, according to prosecutors. He admitted to causing the woman “substantial emotional distress.” On Tuesday, U. District Judge Stephen Friot chose Martin's punishment.And I am pretty darn sure your boyfriend know's not to have a open container of beer in his car while he is driving it.Do I think that he still deserves to be in jail maybe not but still he made those bad life decisions (sp) I don't feel sorry for anyone that lands thereself there.I worked in a jail when I was younger and you know what all I heard was I didn't do it or I was framed BULL $hit!!You don't have a thousand inmates and they where all innocent!!!He also repeatedly harassed her through constant phone calls and texts, as well as threatened physical harm to her family, according to prosecutors.The teacher said her life became consumed with trying to placate Martin so he would not disseminate the photos and ruin her career and reputation, according to prosecutors.While society at large has social media to thank for new friendships, relationships, insights and perspectives, inmates are doomed to total social exclusion, not only physical but psychological as well.Satisfying inmates’ need to reconnect with friends, family, and society at large plays a huge role in their rehabilitation.


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