Post dating checks in quickbooks

Even there, a service rep for Durango chimes in with an eloquent and professional response, setting the record straight.

Aside from that, you’ll have a hard time finding any complaints.

But for most, expect two to three-year contracts and at least some early termination fee.

Negotiate as much as you can, and for the love of all that is holy, ask to have the auto-renewal clause removed if an early termination fee is present! While Durango Merchant doesn’t disclose any hard numbers on their website, they don’t make any outlandish claims either.

In general merchants and independent reviewers alike have praised Durango as a remarkable provider, especially given their focus on high-risk.

You’ll find an impressive 31 reviews of Durango Merchant Services on the Better Business Bureau’s Trust Link website, with every single one at 5 stars.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pin this down for a provider like Durango Merchant Services.

In some cases, you can get a month-to-month contract with no termination fee.

We’ve been following them for several years now, and this is the first BBB complaint we’ve seen!

Even so, it doesn’t seem like the consumer dealt with Durango, but with someone claiming to be Durango.


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