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I need it to be always at the bottom, so I wrote this JQuery: the .content class is of a that wraps the #chat-head, the #messages-chat-container and the #new-message-chat-container.

But it doesn't work, or better, it does but the #new-message-chat-container is cut meaning that it is not all showed but only a part and to see it all I must scroll down.

Update your personal status message from the Home page to let the people in your network know what you're doing.

Updating your status message from the Home page automatically updates the status message that displays in your profile.

Or you might want to share a link to an interesting website with the people in your network.

You can use the @mention feature to mention specific colleagues in your status updates and share your news with them.You can keep the people in your network informed about what you're doing by regularly updating your personal status message.For example, you might want to post a message to let people know that you're busy preparing for a meeting or that you have a vacation coming up. In my opinion , due to length of parameter,it doesnt work. When base63 string is too long, my request doesnt reach to controller.We use projects like these to help us update areas where our coverage needs a lot of expansion and/or reorganization.Hi I need to create a layout for a chat window, basically like the one on the Facebook Messages page: The chat input textarea box is aways at the bottom of the window and the scroll content of the messages occupies all the free space, look at this images: without zoom out: Then when zooming out: The chat input textarea is always at the bottom, and the height of the scroll div which contains the messages changes, even if I press F12 and the console appears: Now my situation is almost the same, and this is what I did: I have this layout: The #top-bar contains the header of the page, the chat head is the header of the chatbox, the messages-chat-container is the div that contains the scroll with all the messages and the #new-message-chat-container contains the textarea input.Packt; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Pages and Page Types; Introduction; Create a custom debugging function; Getting the current Page object; Getting a Page object by its ID; Getting a Page object by its path; Getting a page type by its ID; Getting a page type by its handle; Getting a page type's ID; Getting a page type's name; Getting a page type's handle; Getting the icon for a page type; Getting a list of pages that belong to a page type; Creating a page type; Updating a page type; Deleting a page type.Creating a page Updating an existing page; Setting page attributes; Getting a page attribute; Getting a page's ID; Getting a page's path; Getting a page's handle; Getting a page's name; Getting a page's description; Getting a page's page type ID; Getting a page's page type handle; Getting a page's theme object; Getting the children below a page; Moving a page; Deleting a page (and its children); Getting a list of pages; Adding a page selector field to a form; Chapter 2: Working with Blocks; Introduction; Creating a custom block type; Using block controller callback functions.Please check if You have installed a package "mod_news_pro_gk5_J! Please, did you see the screenshot I attached in my last previous post?I only read that my release is GK5 and it’s available And can you see the screenshot in attach in this post?


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