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But the thought of his wife using her own eggs to produce a child with another man--even if there was no sex involved--and then carrying and delivering that child? "I felt like there wasn't any difference between that and a guy sleeping with her," he says.In many cases, a part-time side job would have a higher return.The Wallaces were approved, and Circle soon matched them with a potential recipient: a same-sex couple from Israel who were also registered with the agency.How could a man be okay with the idea of his wife carrying another man's child?What sane, adoring husband would hold her hand through a pregnancy and delivery, all to make someone else a father?"She was on the computer with all this information up on the screen, and she told me she was thinking about it," Jeremy recalls."My first reaction was, 'Okay, that's kind of a shock,' because she's going from [the idea of] donating eggs for a friend to actually wanting to carry a child for somebody else." Jeremy knew how much a baby means to a couple who can't have children--he was adopted, and his parents had been in that very situation. They began to talk about the logistics of surrogacy, and naturally, finances came up.They are "confident and supportive," says Elaine Gordon, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who has worked with surrogates for over 20 years and wrote a book for children born through surrogacy, John Weltman of Circle Surrogacy, an agency in Boston, goes one step further, describing these husbands as "some of the most remarkable men you will ever meet."Certainly, they are crucial to helping thousands of couples have children.He has to be in it." There can be medical emergencies and months of bed rest, in addition to givens like the twice-daily hormone shots these guys have to inject into their wives before they even get pregnant.My knee-jerk suspicions melted away the more I talked to Jeremy, who comes across as not only sane, but sincere and well-adjusted.


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