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If you want a real girlfriend, then do not expect to have sex with her during your vacation, and you really should skip this section and go to the section Marrying a Thai Girl.Renting a girl for your vacation is called a GFE, a girlfriend experience.Even if a girl is a prostitute, it will not be like if you are renting a prostitute in your own country.

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In short: Professional girls are not necessarily bad.A Thai girl looks for stability and a man that can take care of her and to some degree her family.This is why you often see a big age difference between a western man and a Thai girlfriend. If you are overweight or ugly does not matter that much.Scammers are using dating sites, and it may not even be a girl, you are chatting with or sending money to.Be aware that most of the girls speak English "only little".Thai girls are extremely good at this, thus it is not comparable with renting professionals in western countries.It will feel in every way as a real girlfriend, only you will have to pay her. If you feel awkward to offer her money or if you are afraid to hurt her feelings, you can leave the money on her purse on the last day.There may, of course, be many other reasons, like doing it in order to find a foreign man to marry.You can find yourself a good girl in a bar or similar, especially if you find her before she has been there a long time.One of the differences is that a Thai girl often gets married for security over love. Love can come over time, and it can grow very strong.A Thai girl may be the best wife you could ever want, but most relationships between a Thai girl and a western man start out of convenience for the girl.


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