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If he shows up five minutes late to a movie, don’t jump down his throat. In today’s world, it can be really hard to meet people.We’re technically more connected than ever before, but how often are you regularly, physically in a place where you connect with strangers? Dating apps work out amazingly for some, yet end up being a nightmare for others.

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If he has a history of quickly breaking up with every girl he dates, you are not going to be the one girl who changes that. Spend a significant amount of time in the “getting to know you” portion of the relationship before you dive in head-first. That is what determines if you will succeed, or end up heartbroken time and time again.

Choose a guy who wants you and wants the same kind of relationship you want.

With the right tips and the right things to keep in mind, you can actually learn a lot about yourself, and maybe even find that special someone. You might think it sounds unromantic to weigh the pros and cons of falling for someone. You learn not to roll the dice on someone who isn’t worth your time.

It’s definitely not what the fifteen-year-old girl falling for her motorcycle-wielding, leather-jacket-wearing neighbor does. If you’re starting to fall for someone, take a good look at your motives.

For this reason, it’s smart to give yourself ample time to process your last relationship before moving on to the next one.

If fate has it that you meet the next guy before you’ve been able to do this, protect him from your previous baggage.Find someone who seems like he wants the same things as you.You don’t need to be carbon copies of each other, but you do need to be on the same page and that you like who he is right now and would be totally fine if things never changed.Sometimes this works, and other times it just feels more depressing.But the truth is, there is a way to make dating more enjoyable and to gain from the experience, rather than feeling like you’re losing your dignity and your mind.Are you getting swept up in how dazzlingly blue his eyes are?Don’t let first impressions make you overlook the whole package. The people who have the best relationships don’t know some secret tips and tricks, they choose wisely.It’s a disservice to yourself to waste time on someone who isn’t right for you.Don’t try to change him, don’t tell yourself things would be perfect as soon as XYZ changes.It’s totally okay to take as long of a breather from dating as you need until you feel you’ve fully healed.As an example – maybe your last boyfriend was disrespectful of your time.


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