My life is good dating azdg site 2016

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I will surely follow this drama but can we have Lee hong Ki as the male lead?

The other choice was that the plastic surgery craze in South Korea is now popping out clones.

Losers will never get loved in real life but only in kdrama , losers gets love for being weird losers.

I thought she was Han Hye Rin, the actress who played Ra Ra in New Tales of the Gisaeng, but all the sites listed her as Kwak Ji Min.

I really love him in everything he does , music or acting he is one talented handsome guy...

Maybe, i can find attraction this drama in middle episode.

story is ok with short episodes actor no min woo acting is not good enough and actions so like a 5 yr child here although in some other dramas he has done decent second lead actress nd the actor are really horrible actors.second female lead has one expression throughout the series and doesnot know how to emote at all..i thing only the lead actresshas done a decent job Feminine guy , Feminine move guy never gets loved in real life.

hwaitinghaseyo :) Ok koreans this is ma confession i am dating no min woo and we are a perfect match he is in my house now and we love each other very much so back off park shin hye.saranheyo na min are all invited to our wedding in advance thanks B.

oh my god yoon hak is too perf ㅋㅋㅋ well for those who hate this drama, i have to say this, youre a dumbass you know you dont like this drama but you still watch it lmao I just finished watching my first Korean Drama, which was My Unfortunate Boyfriend.

I think his acting is decent and i like this drama.

This is my first time watching No Min Woo's acting.


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